The principle of our practice.
Aspen was organized and created with the principle of mutual
understanding and relationship between the physician and the
patients or parents. As an introduction, we created and initiated a
foundation of knowing who the patients are from the first visit. With
this, we will know what services we can provide and or needed by the
patient or the family.

Pediatrics is complex in it's own way. We treat not only the child but
also includes the family  and social environment
. We are truly child
advocates and protect the welfare of the child. Though medical is the
common reason a child comes to us but also carries with a
laundry list
of detailed necessities..
We take care from newborn to adolescence. Though the foundation of every Pediatric clinic is
physical and immunizations, we do procedures in our clinic that may not require referrals. We do
a lot of minor surgical procedures in our clinic including circumcisions mainly in the newborn
age group but we do other patients beyond infancy to adolescence.
St. Mary Medical Center-Apple Valley, CA

Victor Valley Community Hospital- Victorville, CA

Desert Valley Hospital- Victorville, CA
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