Our Specialty
Though Pediatricians take care of little people, once a
baby is born you will be surprised how many big issues you
have to pay attention to. Prenatal and birth history is as
important as their current issues. In our practice
, we try to
identify these issues early on and address them
specifically and appropriately.
Majority of our responsibilities in this type of profession is
preventive and promoting good health.

Every growing child will need a well child visit and
updated immunization. There is no other way to eliminate
debilitating disease
s but by immunization. The children's
may depend also on their physical and mental
health status.
The Medical Services We Offer:
We do care for our patients needs from birth to late
adolescence. We do well child check,  school physicals,
sports physicals, circumcisions, full immunizations.
We identify the sick kids and to provide them the proper
care they need.  And we try to promote our goals:
Reduce infant and child mortality
Control and prevent spread of infectious disease
Foster healthy lifestyles
Better the lives of children with chronic conditions

The critical part in a child's life is growing.
Child's growth and development needs a
lot of understanding which one is
acceptable norm and which one is not.
Early identification of the problem may
prevent a child from a disability.
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